The Village

single mother transitional housing KnoxvilleThe Restoration House opened its doors in 2007 and since then has operated in multiple housing sites spread over 11 miles. Although TRH has only had capacity to work with only five single-mother families at a time, the dream has always been to serve many more single mothers and their children in a community setting. This vision is now a reality as The Restoration House has just completed Phase I of The Village, including the offices, community center, and the first six units.  Phase II will begin soon to even further expand services and support to many more families.

The Need is Great

  • 80% of households in Knoxville’s public housing are single-mother families *
  • 35% of all Knox County households with children are single parent families *
  • 78% of these families with children under the age of 5 live below the poverty line *
  • The Restoration House receives nearly 40 calls per month from single mothers (and other referring agencies)
    seeking a better life for themselves and their children

* According to the 2011 American Community Survey

Growing Together

The design for The Village includes 24 units and a community center on Robinson Road in west Knoxville. With this expanded capacity, The Village will have an impact on 140–160 single mothers and 280–320 children over the next 10 years.

The Village also provides an opportunity for us to deepen our impact as well. The Restoration House, Emerald Youth Foundation, and A Hand Up for Women are strategically partnering together to leverage over 40 years of combined experience utilizing best practices in supportive transitional housing, team mentoring, family advocacy, life skills training, and robust youth development to holistically empower low-income single mothers and their children to break the cycle of poverty.


Because of the extreme generosity of so many in Knoxville, Phase I, including the Community Center and the first 6 units is completely paid for and the first six families move in on July 15th!  We are now working on raising the needed funds to construction the remaining 18 units!  We need your help, because it takes a village to build The Village.

If you are interested in learning more about The Village and how you can contribute to the capital campaign, please contact us at 865-200-5406, sponsor needed items, view larger sponsorship opportunities, or make a cash donation today.

Project Team

Studio 4 Design     Fulghum MacIndoe    the village transitional housing     nonprofit organization Knoxville, TN Hickory Construction     Van Tyler Excavating

The Village Design

The masterplan for The Village includes 24 housing units, a playground, community gardens, outdoor basketball court, office space, conference room, reception area, walking trails and a community space with a computer lab, playroom, teen room, training rooms, and a multi-purpose room with instructional kitchen.

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The Village

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