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I’ve always thought I did empathy well until I watched the video below. I realize this is giving a lot of credit to Brené Brown, but we need to give credit where credit is due. I have been learning this lesson this past week. I have learned where I should have used empathy, I used blame. The bad and broken part of me blamed the person for not doing things the way I expected them to do. I never communicated […]

Slow Living

These days most people live a fast-paced, social media, instant-gratification life. Pinterest, Wunderlist, and other apps offer ways to make one’s life more organized and enable people to force their lives into a checklist of things to be done. It seems rather convenient—-to have such organization with the immediate satisfaction of achievement and communicate through instant connection with SnapChat, Periscope, IG, or text. Here at The Village, the living is pretty slow. We frown on checking off boxes just for […]


It has been a good week at The Restoration House.— a week of good news and celebrations. We have celebrated a single mom getting keys to permanent housing for her family, a single mom graduating from school and earning a certification in phlebotomy, continued significant funding from a donor, among other things. We have celebrated the deepening of relationships and continued walking alongside one another although at times it is very hard to have patience and hope. We have celebrated […]

When Bad Weather Hits

Icepocalypse, Noreaster, Snowmageddon, Polar Vortex…these are all common words use to describe winter storms. How do single moms cope when they are faced with school closures, road hazards, daycare closures due to inclement weather? We’ve seen moms lose their jobs, have their Families First childcare benefits jeopardized, and have to miss school because of lack of childcare. When bad weather hits, low-income, isolated single moms suffer the most: no childcare to be able to brave the snow and go to work […]


#TheStruggleIsReal – You hear that a lot these days on posts and tweets— Most of the struggles we talk about on social media are small annoyances that are real, but are not really struggles. Definitively, there are two types of struggle: literal and figurative. Literal, physical struggle is injuring; one is left with wounds needing treatment and time to heal. Figurative struggle, internal conflict, emotional or psychological turmoil can take longer to remedy. Struggle with Restoration House families looks different […]

These Tired Places

I sat down in my seat waiting with excitement for the Christian Community Development Association’s (CCDA) opening plenary session. We had driven six hours to Raleigh, North Carolina, to attend the annual conference. Former NFL player and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Leroy Barber, and CCDA CEO Noel Castellanos, were speaking opening night. As I waited with anticipation to hear from some of my favorite CCDA leaders, a man sat down next to me. He introduced himself and we […]