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Just a Smile

Sometimes we don’t realize how much just a smile and simple hello can mean to the person receiving it. On your routine morning stop at your local Kroger Starbuck’s for coffee, you say hello with a smile to an older gentleman sitting at a table having his morning coffee while reading the news on his iPad. Since this is your daily routine, the gentleman becomes more familiar and the two of you start engaging in a little small talk. Over […]

Receiving Well

Our staff enjoys reading books together as a way of continuing education. We are currently reading through The Art of Neighboring by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon. This week’s chapter was titled The Art of Receiving. The chapter begins by asking if you’ve ever been in a one-sided relationship, one where you are the giver.  Maybe it is a situation you’ve taken on to try to help someone in need.  Often we jump into these relationships with gusto, looking forward […]

Patriot Threads

Patriot Threads LLC was founded by a 17 year-old student named Brady Fernandes. Raised in the South, Brady saw a need in the marketplace for high-quality classic Southern style clothing with a patriotic flair. It was really very simple: he wanted to take all the modern design elements of today’s youthful trends and tie these in with his love of Country, Southern tradition and an outgoing lifestyle to create an iconic brand that you would be proud to wear. This became the brand Patriot Threads. Brady […]

The Value of Staying on the Journey

I’ve been involved with a lot of different ministries over my lifetime.  I’ve enjoyed providing a meal for a family that’s recently had a baby, helping serve food at a homeless shelter, painting a building for a ministry, teaching English overseas and so on.  I’ve also been involved in long-term ministry where I’ve had to commit my time on an ongoing basis, had to learn another language and culture, or had to take my time building relationships with someone who […]

We Need Women

That quote that I had read somewhere, at some point, by someone, unexpectedly crept it’s way back into mind as I sat watching and listening to our TRH moms, allies, and staff during our annual retreat a few weekends ago. As women we often don’t do a very good job of loving one another well. Not always intentionally of course. Besides the insecurities we all seemed plagued with on different levels, the gaps that exist when we don’t let – […]


I’ve always thought I did empathy well until I watched the video below. I realize this is giving a lot of credit to Brené Brown, but we need to give credit where credit is due. I have been learning this lesson this past week. I have learned where I should have used empathy, I used blame. The bad and broken part of me blamed the person for not doing things the way I expected them to do. I never communicated […]

Slow Living

These days most people live a fast-paced, social media, instant-gratification life. Pinterest, Wunderlist, and other apps offer ways to make one’s life more organized and enable people to force their lives into a checklist of things to be done. It seems rather convenient—-to have such organization with the immediate satisfaction of achievement and communicate through instant connection with SnapChat, Periscope, IG, or text. Here at The Village, the living is pretty slow. We frown on checking off boxes just for […]

Gifting Dignity

It’s that time of year again!  The month of celebrating Christ’s birth, of time with family and friends, sounds of Salvation Army bells and smells of wassail and Christmas cookies!  A time to be generous.  These are good things.  Special things.  Things that come from heart as we become more and more aware of our own blessings. As we think about giving and blessing others I’d like to share a story with you.  A true story.  A story of a […]

Partner Highlight: A Hand Up for Women

Earlier this year, The Restoration House partnered with A Hand Up For Women/Knox County Christian Women’s Job Corps to assist in restoring single moms and their children to God’s good intent for their lives.  A Hand Up For Women provides life management and job readiness classes for all Restoration House moms.  Through a unique combination of classes, networking, friendship and spiritual development we help women realize the skills they possess, their capability for self-sufficiency, and the unconditional love of their […]

The Heartbreak of Single Parenting in Poverty

It is almost impossible to imagine what it is like to live in poverty every day unless you’ve been there: when you are having to make decisions about whether to pay your rent or feed your children. When you cannot afford to heat your home during the winter months and you know you are sending your children to bed cold every evening. When you are living in poverty and have children to support and feed alone, every decision that you […]