NOTE: The Restoration House of East Tennessee (TRH) is in the midst of a capital campaign to build The Village, a 24-home community for single-mother families scheduled to break ground in spring 2013. We know it takes a village to build The Village – many who are willing to financially support the campaign, others who design and build the physical structures, and countless others who pray with us and help us discuss, plan and ensure the very best program and community to help single-mother families restore their lives to God’s good intent. We are so blessed to have so many people who support single mothers and their children, our mission, year-round teams of volunteers and mentors, and when it comes to The Village several key partners who have helped bring our vision for The Village to life. We are putting a spotlight on these folks and hope you will enjoy knowing the work of these wonderfully talented experts within our community who’ve already made an impact on The Village and the community we are building for single-mother families in west Knoxville.

The Village Team Spotlight Fulghum MacIndoe & Associates

Fulghum MacIndoe & Associates, Inc, consulting engineering firm

Q&A with William (Billy) Fulghum, Jr., P.E. |President | co-founder

MAPPING IT OUT: After several years of looking, searching and researching property, The Restoration House was able to secure six acres of land in West Knoxville – adjacent to the EM:HE house — that will become home to The Village. We participated in the site selection and master planning. We also provided the civil engineering and structural engineering for the project.
THREE WORDS: The decisions that The Restoration House team made and the vision that they had for The Village were consistent with their mission. They didn’t deviate from the holistic picture and I’m proud to see that they approached the project that way. So, when thinking about The Village, three words come to mind: intentional, holistic, and exciting.
MAKING A DIFFERENCE: It is a great opportunity for our team at FMA to be involved with The Restoration House and The Village project. We have great respect for the work they are doing in our community, and working on The Village team gives us a feeling that we have helped to add value to our community.
LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: The overall engineering challenges of The Village were similar to most projects, which is to achieve the vision of the development within the budget that they have. The greatest benefit in my opinion was the proximity to the EH:ME project. That continuity and community connection will extend throughout the property, which is a tremendous benefit for all involved with The Restoration House.
COMMUNITY SETTING IS PARAMOUNT: The Village was designed to create a sense of community (e.g., porches face common green areas and gardens where children and other moms will be). The Restoration House team communicated this vision very well and it has been integrated into almost all aspects of the development. It is rewarding to take the requested vision and be able to bring it to reality.
IT TAKES A VILLAGE: As the saying goes, it takes a village to build The Village and we are thrilled to be a part of the project. We have a strong team supporting it. I am joined by Kris Meyer, Staci Thomas, Jack Southard, Daniel Wilkins, Randy Perry, Michael Gary, Brian Mahoney, James Smith, and all of us look forward to 2013 when The Village opens the doors to new opportunities for dozens of single-mother families journeying through The Restoration House program.

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