NOTE: The Restoration House of East Tennessee (TRH) is in the midst of a capital campaign to build The Village, a 24-home community for single-mother families scheduled to break ground in spring 2013. We know it takes a village to build The Village – many who are willing to financially support the campaign, others who design and build the physical structures, and countless others who pray with us and help us discuss, plan and ensure the very best program and community to help single-mother families restore their lives to God’s good intent. We are so blessed to have so many people who support single mothers and their children, our mission, year-round teams of volunteers and mentors, and when it comes to The Village several key partners who have helped bring our vision for The Village to life. We are putting a spotlight on these folks and hope you will enjoy knowing the work of these wonderfully talented experts within our community who’ve already made an impact on The Village and the community we are building for single-mother families in west Knoxville. 

Hedstrom Design
The Village Team Spotlight

Hedstrom Design, landscape architecture

Q&A with Sara Hedstrom Pinnell ASLA, RLA | President

COORDINATION: The Village planning took full coordination among builders, architects, landscape designers and more. It was all very well-orchestrated with plenty of moving parts and pieces. For us this meant our team coordinated our designs with the “build” team regarding placement of buildings relative to open space and activity areas. We were always trying to make the most of the site for the future occupants, single mothers and their kids.
2 PLANS ARE BETTER THAN 1: We’ve prepared two landscape plans; one which is in accordance with the City of Knoxville’s landscape guidelines and one which is an “above and beyond” plan if funds can be raised to plant more than what is required. This plan includes additional flowering trees and shrubs, foundation plantings at each unit, plans for a community garden, areas for play, and a walking path for exercise as well as community building as the path would connect to each unit. I am hopeful all of the necessary funds can be raised so the families can have comprehensive property landscaping once the community opens in 2013.
THREE WORDS: When I think of The Village, I think of community, safety and sharing.
VISION INSPIRES OUR DESIGN: Our vision always comes from the client — and in this case Daniel Watson and The Restoration House team — who has a goal to help single mothers succeed. Providing a great place to live, incorporating beauty, providing areas that foster community, as well as some privacy are all part of this vision.
DELICIOUS: Our design team oriented the buildings in a way that maximized yard space for each unit and maximized open space areas for use by all. We also used edible plants in the design such as blueberries.
SUSTAINABILITY: From the landscape perspective of The Village, we wanted to be as eco-friendly as the project would allow so we are incorporating native plants, directing drainage through planting areas and providing shade over hot spots to create some natural shade areas not only for the landscaping but for the families as well.
JOY: It has been a privilege to work on this project following the Extreme Makeover build earlier this year. We are thrilled to know we are helping make The Village “home” for so many single-mother families.
COMMUNITY: It is so important for everyone to know that this project would not be possible without the help of the community; we are moving forward but we aren’t there yet and we certainly aren’t doing it alone! We’re proud to be part of the Knoxville community coming together on this one.
FULL SERVICE TEAM: I am joined by John Wisinger on this project. Our company is an award-winning full-service landscape architecture based right here in Knoxville.

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About Hedstrom Design

Hedstrom Design is a women-owned full-service landscape architecture firm based in Knoxville, Tenn., with projects throughout the Southeast and experience in the Northeast and Southwest. We believe that attention to detail is key to excellence in design and service, and our work clearly reflects this belief. Hedstrom Design seeks to enhance the relationship between people and their surroundings by designing areas which are functional and accessible to all types of individuals. Spaces are created with an emphasis on beauty, comfort, and compatibility with both natural and urban surroundings. Our projects include custom and multi-family housing, healthcare, retail, corporate headquarters and office buildings, streetscape design, master planning, GSA, and LEED projects.