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Five-Way Partnership Model

The mission of The Restoration House is accomplished in the context of a five-way partnership model in which each party contributes to the overall restoration of the family. Below are some of the partners of The Restoration House.

On-Site Partners

Emerald Youth logo
Emerald Youth Foundation (EYF) has over 25 years of experience helping young people become leaders through a holistic ministry of faith, education, mentoring, and sports programs. EYF’s youth leadership program, JustLead, provides after-school activities for the families at the Village including:

  • Learning Labs and tutoring
  • Youth discipleship
  • Youth service opportunities

Church Partners

TRH has covenants outlining a strategic partnership with each of these churches including capital for the Village project, mentor teams, facility maintenance, life skills volunteers, etc.


Community Partners

Education Partners

  • Red Cross – The Red Cross partners with TRH to provide single mothers educational opportunities in health care.
  • Goodwill Industries – TRH works with Goodwill for driver’s education and certification training for career paths in the medical field.

Enrichment Partners

  • The Chalmers Center – The Chalmers Center partners with TRH to teach single mothers financial literacy using Faith & Finances
  • YMCA – TRH partners with the YMCA to provide discounted opportunities for our single–mother families to focus on physical fitness.

Resource Partners

  • Cornerstone of Dental Arts – Cornerstone partners with TRH to provide discounted dental services for the families of The Restoration House.
  • Compassion Coalition – Partnering with TRH, Compassion Coalition has helped families overcome minor financial roadblocks and has provided good used furniture for families upon entering the program.
  • Ebenezer Counseling Services – TRH partners with Ebenezer Counseling Services for discounted and pro-bono counseling services.
  • Habitat for Humanity – TRH partners with Habitat to provide home ownership opportunities for qualified families.
  • Matlock Tire Service & Auto Repair – TRH partners with Matlock to provide discounted vehicle maintenance.

Strategic Partners

  • Baker Donelson, Bearman, Berkowitz, and Caldwell, PC – Baker Donelson partners with TRH to provide pro-bono legal support for TRH.
  • Joshua Station – Joshua Station provides ongoing consulting and training to TRH on the transformational housing model that they have been perfecting over the last 20 years.
  • Alliance for Better Nonprofits – ABN partners with TRH to provide capacity building services to the organization.
  • UT’s College of Social Work – This collaboration provides bachelor’s and master’s level social work student interns to support TRH’s expanding program.
  • Warren Village – Warren Village provides ongoing consulting and training to TRH on the transformational housing model that they have been perfecting over the last 30 years.