Overview of The Restoration House

The Restoration House is a two-year, supportive transitional housing program located in Knoxville, TN.  The Restoration House is designed to increase self-sufficiency for single parent families. The program consists of three key components.

  • Transitional Housing: each family has safe affordable housing where they pay 30% of their income toward rent & utilities
  • Ally Teams: families are matched with allies from a partner church for positive emotional support & friendship
  • Family Advocacy: families create a plan for self-sufficiency with the family advocate who provides resource connection, support, and accountability

The Restoration House also provides Enrichment classes (parenting, financial literacy, etc.) and partners with Emerald Youth Foundation for a year-round youth development program for elementary, middle school, and high school aged children.

The Restoration House is for families…

  • seeking long-term transitional housing (up to 2 years)
  • motivated to work toward self-sufficiency
  • who have left an abuser and are past any immediate threat of harm
  • who have experienced trauma and are seeking help to move past that trauma

The Restoration House is not for families seeking…

  • permanent housing
  • immediate housing or an emergency shelter
  • a drug or alcohol rehab center (or subsequent aftercare)
  • a domestic violence shelter
  • a mental health provider

TRH will refer families who do not meet the program criteria to community organizations that may better suit their needs.


Potential applicants must…

  • be 25 years or older
  • maintain full custody of at least one child and/or be pregnant (adult children over 18 years of age will not be considered a child)
  • have a need for long-term supportive transitional housing either due to homelessness or inadequate housing
  • have a GED or High School diploma
  • demonstrate a strong motivation of gaining financial self-sufficiency through strategic planning with accountability, Enrichment classes, and creating positive patterns and choices
  • be willing to forego dating relationships during their participation in our program
  • be willing to establish meaningful and honest relationships with staff, other TRH families, & allies
  • must be able to maintain a full time activity within 4-6 months (such as work, school, or vocational training)
  • demonstrate sufficient emotional and psychological well-being to maintain a stable environment for their family
  • have a classification as low-income, which does not exceed 80% of the median family income for the area
  • applicants will not solely be denied housing if they have been evicted or they owe money to a property management company
  • applicants may be denied housing if they have been convicted of a felony in the last seven years or a misdemeanor in the last five years
  • applicants will be denied housing if they are a convicted or registered sexual offender or have committed a violent crime
  • applicants who have previously applied & have received a denial letter must contact the Family Advocate to reapply to be considered for a new opening

Preference will be given to those families with very low and extremely low incomes.

MSA: Knoxville, TN
Number of Persons Low Income Very Low Income Extremely Low
1 $30,700 $19,200 $11,500
2 $35,100 $21,900 $13,150
3 $39,450 $24,650 $14,800
4 $43,850 $27,400 $16,450
5 $47,350 $29,600 $17,750
6 $50,850 $31,800 $19,100
7 $54,350 $34,000 $20,400
8 $57,900 $36,150 $21,700

**The Restoration House does not maintain a waiting list; we only accept referrals when we have openings**

Family Selection Process

  1. The referral is made
  2. Initial review of referral information followed by a phone call to the person or agency referring the family; the family is then requested to contact The Restoration House.
  3. Families who do not meet our minimum requirements will be referred to a community agency that can better serve the family.
  4. Upon referral approval, an invitation to an Orientation Meeting at The Village is extended. The prospective participant can attend and learn in-depth information about The Restoration House program, ask questions, get a tour, hear from a graduate, and complete a housing application.
  5. After completing a housing application, a background and reference checks will be conducted. The Family Support Team will convene and select families to invite to the Viewpoint class at The Village. Families who do not meet our minimum requirements to attend the Viewpoint class will be referred to a community agency that can better serve the family*
  6. The Viewpoint class is designed to give families an opportunity to share their outlook on life and how they approach it. It also gives them a chance to ask further questions and get more information about our program.
  7. After the Viewpoint class, the Family Support Team will convene and select families to invite to an in-depth interview with the Family Advocate and Program Coordinator. Families not selected will receive a referral to a community agency that can better serve the family*
  8. The in-depth interview with the Family Advocate and Program Coordinator helps The Restoration House consider what a family has experienced, what their current circumstances are like, and what vision they have for their future.
  9. The TRH staff reviews each application after each * step within the process.  At each point of the selection process an appeal may be made.

*The entire process can take up to 4-6 weeks depending on the number of applicants and openings.

Referral Process

If you are submitting a referral on behalf of an agency, church, or organization, please register here.

If you are self-referring or referring another individual please click here.

Thank you.