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Daniel Watson, Co-Founder and Executive Director

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Daniel Watson grew up in a single-mother home with two siblings. His mother tried the best she could with what she had, but his family often lacked the support needed to really succeed. As a result, Daniel’s childhood was often chaotic and unstable. At the age of ten he began attending a church in his community and was soon baptized into Christ.

After several moves separated him temporarily from the church, Daniel met the McAllister family, who served at a local church. As home life became increasingly damaging, Daniel moved in with the McAllister family, where he lived until his senior year of high school.

Upon graduating from high school, Daniel attended Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. Shortly after graduation, he married his high school sweetheart, Mandy. Daniel was hired by West Towne Christian Church as the Associate Minister of Outreach, a role he filled for the seven years leading up to the founding of The Restoration House.

In 2004 and 2005 Daniel and Mandy adopted two children locally from Knoxville. In May of 2010 they adopted another child from Ethiopia.

In 2010, Daniel was honored as one of Knoxville’s Top 40 Under 40 Business and Community Leaders by the Greater Knoxville Business Journal.  Daniel is also an alumni of Introduction Knoxville – Class of 2011 and Leadership Knoxville – Class of 2014.

It was their respective experiences as children of single mothers that prompted the vision for what is now The Restoration House, which they founded in 2006. Daniel and Mandy feel blessed and honored to be a part of what God is doing to restore single mothers and their families through The Restoration House’s work.

Mandy Watson, Co-Founder

Mandy Watson grew up in a small community in the New River Valley area of Virginia. Although mostly raised by a single mother, her father was still active in her life, as was her church family. Her life growing up was full of wonderful memories of people who believed in her and taught her that anything she could imagine was possible.

Mandy and Daniel attended high school and college together, marrying the year after they graduated from Johnson University. Mandy also completed her Master’s Degree in Holistic Education from Johnson. She then spent five treasured years as an 8th grade teacher at Christian Academy of Knoxville, which she describes as “a time of great personal growth and strengthening.”

While God was preparing them for the birth of TRH, He was also calling Daniel and Mandy to adopt. Their experience with the local adoptions of Atley and Ava gave the couple a true picture of the plight of their children’s low-income single birthmothers in the Knoxville area, fueling their passion for what would become The Restoration House.

Today Mandy is a not-so-at-home, stay-at-home mom who is active in the life of The Restoration House as well as in her children’s school. She remains passionate about the work of The Restoration House and prayerfully seeks opportunities to help children find their forever homes.

Lori Haskell, Director of Programs

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Lori Haskell joined The Restoration House in 2011 and in 2018 was promoted to Director of Programs. In this role Lori ensures program integrity, manages all program staff and serves as the liaison for strategic community partners. She also works with our volunteers, including recruitment and training of all ally teams.

In addition to her primary role, Lori is also a certified facilitator for the Cost of Poverty Experience and serves as a lead trainer for Faith and Finances with the Chalmers Center of Chattanooga. Lori is a member of the 2018 class of the Consortium for Social Enterprise Effectiveness at the University of Tennessee and coaches volleyball at Fulton High School.

Lori graduated from Cedarville University with a degree in English and a minor in Bible. She grew up amid Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains, but also loves the hills of East Tennessee. Lori married her college sweetheart, a Tennessee boy. Their favorite lifetime accomplishments are their three young adult children, Justin, Ethan and Kayla. Lori is grateful for all that she learned during the 12 years that she and her husband, Jonathan, spent in cross-cultural ministry, including 9 years in the country of Hungary.



Vicki Arpino, Office Manager

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Vicki joined The Restoration House in July 2013 as a volunteer and then became our Administrative Assistant January 1st of this year. Prior to joining TRH she worked as a billing specialist at a local medical practice in Knoxville for over 14 years. Having been a single-mother to her two children for several years she has a vested interest in the work of The Restoration House. She is passionate about providing first hand experiences to better serve the single mothers in the Knoxville community. Vicki is married to her husband David Arpino of 17 years. David and Vicki have 3 grown children, a son-n-law and 2 grand kids. One of which is a feisty, energetic and lovable grandson, whom she enjoys building blocks and reading books with and an infant grand-daughter that she enjoys giving the giggles to. In her spare time, she and David enjoy playing with their grand kids, going to the mountains and visiting antique shops as well as taking family vacations to their favorite area around Charleston, SC


Marisa Lykins, Enrichment and Donor Engagement Coordinator

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Marisa joined The Restoration House in March of 2016 as the Enrichment & Donor Engagement Coordinator. Prior to coming on staff, Marisa volunteered with TRH for several years. She has lived almost her entire life in Knoxville, going to Carter High School. After having her son, David, Marisa became a single mom for a while and understands what a difference it makes to have a safe, supportive community, and resources available to you. She has now been married to Todd for almost 23 years. Marisa has been involved in women’s ministry for the past 7 years, and previously worked at several Christian nonprofits, including serving 13 years at Love89.1FM, a former local Christian radio station.