NOTE: The Restoration House of East Tennessee (TRH) is in the midst of a capital campaign to build The Village, a 24-home community for single-mother families scheduled to break ground in spring 2013. We know it takes a village to build The Village – many who are willing to financially support the campaign, others who design and build the physical structures, and countless others who pray with us and help us discuss, plan and ensure the very best program and community to help single-mother families restore their lives to God’s good intent. We are so blessed to have so many people who support single mothers and their children, our mission, year-round teams of volunteers and mentors, and when it comes to The Village several key partners who have helped bring our vision for The Village to life. We are putting a spotlight on these folks and hope you will enjoy knowing the work of these wonderfully talented experts within our community who’ve already made an impact on The Village and the community we are building for single-mother families in west Knoxville.

Stacy Cox

Stacy Cox and his Daughter, Onise

The Village Team Spotlight

Studio Four Design, architectural design services

Q&A with Stacy L. Cox, AIA |President |Director of Business Development


TIME TRAVELS: Back in 2010 when I first met Daniel we volunteered our services to assist him in site selection, evaluation and planning on several sites. We worked with The Restoration House for two years in this process before ultimately landing on the property they have today. Over the last few months, Studio Four Design has provided the architectural design services for the residential buildings and the administration/community building and will be assisting them in the bidding and construction phases as well.
THREE WORDS: When thinking about The Village, three words come to mind– faith, family and future. VISION: When thinking about the design, layout and flow of The Village, our vision was to create a sense of community for the families who will live there to encourage social interaction, fellowship and support.
COMING TOGETHER: All of the units are oriented toward a common green space as opposed to the traditional arrangement of having the “front door” facing the parking lot. Since “community” and “supporting yourself and others” is an integral part of The Restoration House, each unit has a large covered porch which provides a place for moms to hang out and socialize with each other while watching the kids play. We are extremely proud that the building exteriors have design features and materials to compliment the design of the Watson’s EMHE house, generating a wonderful beauty and continuity throughout the property. There also is a walking trail around the property as well as outdoor gardens and play areas for the kids all of which have been designed to encourage outdoor activities and social interaction among the families.
GOING GREEN: In the design of the site, we have specified the use of materials and appliances that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Many of the features of the project have been designed with LEED standards in mind, such as the specification of energy and water efficient appliances and equipment, rainwater harvesting for irrigation and the use of environmentally friendly building products.
TRUE PARTNERSHIP: It has been a wonderful experience to partner with The Restoration House in developing and designing The Village. My church–Grace Baptist Church–has been a financial partner with The Restoration House in supporting this project for some time now and I met Daniel Watson through that relationship. Over the last two years we have become good friends and he is someone I have great admiration for. It has been an honor and a blessing to be associated with a ministry hat has such an important purpose and does so much good for others. All of us at Studio Four are proud to be a part of this project and look forward to seeing moms and their kids open the doors to their homes – and new beginnings — in 2013.
A PLACE FOR HOPE, A PLACE FOR HEALING: It’s important that The Village is not just viewed as series of buildings where single moms and their kids will live for a short time. The buildings are just one of the many tools to assist The Restoration House in its mission to restore single mothers and their children back to God’s good intent for their lives. The design of The Village is about creating community and providing a place where the residents can be proud to call home while they are there, journeying through the program. It is a place for hope and healing; a place where their lives will be changed for good.
DOING IT WITH PURPOSE: We (Studio Four Design) believe whole heartedly that the work we do has purpose and matters to others. As architects and designers, we are gifted and passionate about solving problems. We take pride in creating buildings and environments with the deeper understanding that everything we do has a purpose and means something to those who have entrusted us to provide them with service. Studio Four Design is a business, but it is made up of individuals who truly care about their clients and desire to solve problems that matter to them.
DEDICATED: Daniel and Mandy Watson (co-founders of The Restoration House) are the real deal and they are more than 100% dedicated to this ministry. They and the staff of The Restoration House are truly changing lives on a daily basis and it has been a blessing to watch this project unfold over the last few years. The EH:ME project was obviously a tremendous blessing to both the Watsons and The Restoration House and it opened the door for The Village project to move forward. It has been obvious that God’s hand has been on them, their ministry and this project from day one. It has been an honor for Studio Four Design, and for me personally, to have had a small role in this project.
TEAMWORK: The Studio Four Design team working together on The Village project include: Stacy Cox, project manager; Mike Keller, designer; and Katie Kirkham, job captain

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