In August of 2013, TRH broke ground on Phase 1 of The Village, a restorative community that will ultimately include 24 units and a community center for low-income single-parent families working to break the cycle of poverty.

Phase 1 of The Village was completed in June 2015 and includes:

  • six single-family housing units
  • a community center with a large meeting room, kitchen, computer lab, toddler playroom, elementary classroom, teen room, and offices for staff of The Restoration House staff, and Emerald Youth Foundation
  • a playground, basketball court, and community garden
  • utility infrastructure for the remaining 18 units.

The property adjacent to The Village, owned by co-founders Daniel and Mandy Watson, offers two additional housing units for a current total of eight.

Village with playground

Project Team

Studio 4 Design Fulghum MacIndoe the village transitional housing nonprofit organization Knoxville, TN Hickory Construction Van Tyler Excavating

The Village Design

The masterplan for The Village includes 24 housing units, a playground, community gardens, outdoor basketball court, office space, conference room, reception area, walking trails and a community space with a computer lab, playroom, teen room, training rooms, and a multi-purpose room with instructional kitchen.

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The Village

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The Village Phase 1 Time Lapse