The Village – Plan for Sustainability

Operational Funding

Since The Restoration House has looked to increase its capacity through The Village Project, we have also worked hard to increase our organizational capacity in order to be sustainable. This has been done by focusing on such areas as the board, program staff, volunteers, operational funding, and strategic partnerships. The campaign for Phase 2 of The Village includes $500,000 in funding toward the increased operating cost of TRH. This funding will provide the operating revenues required while TRH moves to implement its long-term plan for sustainability.

Over the last several years TRH has been using a sustainable relationship-based funding model called Benevon to increase annual operational funding in anticipation of the completion of The Village. TRH is already raising enough funding annually to fully operate Phase I of The Village and is working on growing that funding to operate at full capacity upon completion of Phase 2, increasing operations to $450,000 per year.

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