After Saturday’s win against Georgia, you probably think I’m talking about the Big Orange!  Though that was definitely an awesome victory, I’m actually talking about a different type of volunteer teamwork that we’ve experienced since we’ve moved into The Village.

Playground VolunteersMaking the move to The Village has been exciting, for sure, but it’s also been a lot of work, much more work than we could possibly handle as a staff.  That’s where the incredible volunteer teamwork came into play!  These vols have participated in more ways than I could possibly list here, but here is a bit of the highlight reel.  Let me share some of the incredible stats on our amazing TRH vols:

  • 599 vols have invested over 5,806 hours at The Village since the beginning of April of this year
  • 122 vols came together over two days, in the rain, to build an incredible playground for the children of The Restoration House
  • 77 vols dug into the soil around The Village, teaming together to give The Village some beautiful landscaping
  • 11 vols tag teamed to provide childcare for the children of The Restoration House as their Moms attend Life Management Classes
  • One company blitzed The Village with 75 volunteers, planting trees, building a fence, putting in a small rock wall, building storage in the Community Center, painting a mural in the teen room, building cubbies for the kids of Just Lead, and much more, investing over 744 hours over a few days
  • An amazing team of vols came together to plan and pull off our exciting, new fundraiser, Over The Edge, investing over 928 hours by the end of the event
  • 58 Allies have attended two Ally trainings, Bridges out of Poverty Training and gone through a Cost Of Poverty Experience, met the new families of TRH and started their new journey together…investing a total of 1,766 hours in the past six months

On top of these all start stats, two churches have hosted us for Family Night, and various churches, companies and even colleges have invested countless hours painting, planting, building, providing delicious food at our community meals and much, much more!

As you can see, volunteers are a very important part of our team.  The stats listed above are just a portion of the impact vols have made at The Village!  We are only able to have a successful program for the families of The Restoration House because of the teamwork that takes place on a daily basis.  Many of you who are reading this are a part of our team – THANK YOU!  You are a tremendous blessing to us, as well as to the families of The Restoration House.