Daniel Watson
Co-Founder and Executive Director

Phone: (865) 200-5406
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Lori Haskell
Director of Programs

Phone: (865) 500-4219
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Raquel Leal
Family Advocate

Phone: (865) 500-4299
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Lora Foxwell
Family Advocate

Phone: (865) 500-4302
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Vicki Arpino
Office Manager

Phone: (865) 200-5406
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Carrie Pickell
Interim Housing & Community Life Coordinator
Ally & Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Phone: (865) 500-6053
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Kylee Lillis
Youth Advocate

Phone: (865) 500-5010

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Edgar Crispin

Maintenance Technician and Groundskeeper

Phone: (865) 500-4703

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Ashlind Bray

Director of Marketing and Development

Phone: (865) 500-4703

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