The Restoration House (TRH) helps restore single mothers and their children back to God’s good intent for their lives. Through supportive transitional housing, ally teams, family advocacy, and youth development, TRH walks alongside low-income single-parent families, helping them break harmful cycles and regain hope and a future.

At its core, The Restoration House believes that God intended for us to live in community. Further, God desires for all of humanity to be restored in four core relationships – with God, Self, Others and Creation. In support of this, TRH has developed “The Village”, a neighborhood in which single-parent families develop supportive relationships and find healing, stability and opportunity as they build a brighter future.


Our relationship with God is the central relationship that affects all others.


God desires for us to view ourselves as He does, as created by Him and in His own image.


God desires for us to love our neighbors as ourselves.


God desires for us to act responsibly toward His creation; He calls us to be good stewards of all that He gives us.


We value God’s desire for the complete restoration of all people.

We value community, as demonstrated in God’s nature, life is less than what it could or should be when life is lived alone.

We value reciprocity, because everyone should have the chance to work for their future.

We value dignity, because being created in the image of God all are deserving of dignity.

We value partnership and cooperation over duplication and competition.

“If the Restoration House were not in my life, I would probably be another statistic. I would probably still be on food stamps. I would not have a degree. I was terrified, but they pushed me and said, ‘Hey you are smart enough. You can graduate.'”

CB, TRH Graduate