BrokennessDo you feel or have you ever felt “broken” or as if your life was just in “pieces”? My guess is that a lot of you will automatically say no. If so, then I encourage you to really stop and think about your life both past and present. Have you ever lost a loved one or dear friend? I would guess that most of you will probably think about death. There are times when that loss is from a broken relationship instead. Does it hurt any less? No, and sometimes it brings more pain and heartache because the person is still alive but not within our reach. My guess here is the pain from that would make you feel broken or even torn into pieces! How about a job loss? Maybe even from not getting hired when you felt the interview went great and that you had a lot to offer the company. I would even go as far as to say that if you have children and they have been sick or injured that you also felt their pain.

You see, being “Broken” can and does look differently to everyone and it has nothing to do with your social-economic status, race or gender.

Now, the real challenge that I want to throw out to you is this, think about those times of “brokenness,” and see which one of these four relationships it would fall under. Your relationship with God, Self, Others or Creation. Believe me, it will fit into one or maybe more of those four! The most amazing part of this is that not only does your “brokenness” fit into one of these four relationships, but it is the same for everyone else. Huh… that is something to really think about!

If you were to gather up your “pieces” and carry them around with you, I bet you would find some else who has “pieces” that would fit together with yours. So you see…it is our BROKENNESS that binds us together!!! If we would all just try and fit our “pieces” together we could and would become the people God intends us to be!

So, I challenge you to find someone that will fit together with your “Broken pieces”! You might just find an amazing friend!