So much has changed for all of us, our community, and the world over these past few weeks. While these are uncertain times we remain confident because of our unwavering faith and belief that God is ultimately in control. Our team is working as hard as ever to continue to support our mother-led families in the face of a continually shifting landscape. We are listening for their needs and responding accordingly.

Our moms that are enrolled in school are home and attending online classes (with their children right beside them) for the foreseeable future. Our moms that are working are trying their best to navigate childcare with the closure of Knox County Schools and the “Safer at Home” order from the Knox County Health Deparment. Of course many of their hours have been cut and some have lost their jobs during this time.

Our staff and board have been meeting regularly, planning and adjusting our work in support of mother-led families. Over the past 12 years we have been able to help families change their future through developmental strategies centered in relationship. For the first time in our history we are pivoting to a relief response as we help our mother-led families navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic while not sliding back 10 or 20 steps in their journey. This will require additional resources as we move through the weeks and possibly months ahead. 
We understand this pandemic is impacting everyone in some way or another. Our prayers are for the safety and healing of our community as a whole and ultimately for everyone around the world. We are trusting the God of Restoration now more than ever. 
Below is a BRIEF summary of how we are adjusting our work. 
  • For Families
    • Have asked all families at The Village to “shelter in”
    • Gathering a list of community resources for our families, including educational, material, financial, etc.
    • Developed a website to communicate ongoing information to TRH families
    • Gathering basic material assistance items for families
    • Working with EYF, Boys & Girls Club, and YMCA to provide critical childcare
    • Assisting Allies with engaging families virtually
    • Assisting moms in school with accessing internet and online devices
    • Continuing to process families currently in the application process (move most processes virtually)
    • Closing process to new referrals
  • Regarding Staff & Volunteers
    • Our staff are all working from home through at least April
    • TRH offices are closed
    • All meeting will be held virtually
    • All TRH events, work projects, etc are postponed now through at least the end of April
  • Budgetary Adjustments
    • Ceasing all non-essential spending
    • Finance team is developing several financial models in light of COVID-19