Snow StormIcepocalypse, Noreaster, Snowmageddon, Polar Vortex…these are all common words use to describe winter storms.

How do single moms cope when they are faced with school closures, road hazards, daycare closures due to inclement weather? We’ve seen moms lose their jobs, have their Families First childcare benefits jeopardized, and have to miss school because of lack of childcare.

When bad weather hits, low-income, isolated single moms suffer the most: no childcare to be able to brave the snow and go to work or attend required benefits activities; unreliable transportation due to frigid temps; and the extreme stress of jeopardized income or loss of income. Weather is a very powerful force of nature. Without reliable relational or resourceful support networks, single mother families can experience significant hardships.

In inclement weather we have also seen single moms at The Restoration House reach out to one another, offer shared meals and babysitting services, alumni families extending a hand to help out moms who need that extra support.

What experiences have you had on your “snowcation” this year?  Would you consider going the extra mile to check on a single mom you know and see if she needs any support or help when hard weather hits?