Restoring Hope Luncheon

The 15th Annual Restoring Hope Luncheon is a cornerstone event for The Restoration House that leads to building new relationships and ensures sustainable funding for impacting single mothers and their children throughout Knoxville and beyond.  

This year we will return to the beautiful Knox Press Room for a high impact event that will inspire and challenge your perceptions of low-income single mother families. The food itself is fabulous and there is absolutely no cost for attending the event.  

Guests are provided an opportunity to invest in the work of The Restoration House but no guest is required or pressured to give.  

Register for The 15th Annual Restoring Hope Luncheon

These two videos will give you a glimpse of past Restoring Hope Luncheons. We hope you will join us for The 15th Annual Restoring Hope Luncheon to learn more about The Restoration House and the families we walk alongside.