TIME…is it more than just a clock?

//TIME…is it more than just a clock?

TIME…is it more than just a clock?

ClockTime to a lot of people can look or sound something like this…

Is it 5:00 yet? How much time is left in an exciting TV show or movie they are watching? Mom, is it time to go to cheerleading practice? Hey Dad, it’s time to go to my football game! Yahoo, only 1 week until time to leave for VACATION!!! And for many people the best one is….It’s FOOTBALL time in Tennessee!!! Go Vols!!

Time for a single mom looks and sounds like this…

I hope my time doesn’t get cut at work this week! I don’t know what I will do if one of the kids get sick this week and I have to miss more time from work?? My boss said it would be the last time!! If only I could take a little time off work to go see my son receive his award at school today. Mom, can I sign up to play softball? Sorry honey, maybe next time. I sure hope after I help the kids with homework, fix and eat dinner, and get their baths that I will have time to read them a book before bed tonight! I hope Karen understands why I haven’t been able to meet her and the girls for lunch?? I just don’t have the time!! I can’t believe it is time to pay the rent again…..I need a little more TIME!!!

TIME…….really is more than just a clock!!!

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