#TheStruggleIsReal – You hear that a lot these days on posts and tweets—

struggle1 struggle2

Most of the struggles we talk about on social media are small annoyances that are real, but are not really struggles. Definitively, there are two types of struggle: literal and figurative. Literal, physical struggle is injuring; one is left with wounds needing treatment and time to heal. Figurative struggle, internal conflict, emotional or psychological turmoil can take longer to remedy.

Struggle with Restoration House families looks different with each one: struggle for honesty with self and others; struggle for self-worth and self-confidence; struggle for financial independence; struggle for healthy boundaries and relationships; struggle to heal from past traumas; struggle to regain trust or to trust others; struggle to become a better parent; struggle to believe in something greater than yourself.

The struggle I see most often is the struggle for a second chance. Culture tells us, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Programs tell us “every day is a second chance.” Pinterest tells us “a second chance is never the same as the first.” Scripture tells us that new beginnings are possible. It tells us that we are in this struggle together. Scripture tells us that despite our shortcomings, our imperfections, our constant doubt or anger, or our desire to give up, God is there and he gives life and hope freely. The struggle for second chances is real. They do not come easily. Struggle for second chances is welcomed here. Each of us fights for them each day—some are just more overt and dire than others. In what area of life do you need a second chance? How can you support others who are struggling for a second chance?

The Restoration House is constantly helping our single mother families build social capital through networking and relationships to help foster second chances. If you are interested in becoming part of The Restoration House community, please contact us at 865-200-5406.